WiseGRID (Wide scale demonstration of Integrated Solutions for European SmartGrid)


The WiseGRID project is two awards winner from EUSEW 2018 Awards for the Citizens’ and Business Category Award. In addition, the WiseGRID project is also a winner in the Technology & Design category in the Renewable Grid Initiative for Good Practice for the Year Award 2018.

The WiseGRID project provides a set of solutions, technologies and business models which increase the smartness, stability, and security of an open, consumer-centric European energy grid and provide cleaner and more affordable energy for European citizens, through enhanced use of storage technologies and electromobility and a highly increased share of RES.

The scope of the project is to provide applications for different actors, such as prosumers, DSOs, aggregators and EV fleet operators, in order to share the benefits of the European Smart Grid in a fair, sustainable and efficient way and achieve an all-win situation. WiseGRID technological solutions will be demonstrated and evaluated under real-life conditions in 4 large scale demonstrators –in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Greece - involving more than 1,700 consumers utilizing energy systems consisting of batteries, heat pumps, PV, wind and hydro, EVs and charging stations. The project will showcase the most advanced yet proven technologies and how they can work to improve the energy transition towards decentralization.

The stand will showcase the newest technologies also the interactive video of the project will be shown too, next to the stand our colleagues initiate the discussion with the clear communication, knowledge sharing and dissemination with an online portal and interactive knowledge base gathering the lessons learned, FAQ, tools, solutions and end-user feedback's.