Wim Joosten

Wim Joosten is responsible for the development Off-Grid and Distributed Hybrid Energy Systems in OGTC. Focus on Energy Solutions development for smaller communities, resorts, SME’s, larger farms and Islands worldwide.


Next to representative of Off Grid Test Center, Wim is CEO for Wind Energy Solutions, and before that he was Business Developer for ZON Energie, where he was responsible for business plans and partnering. Next to the North West European market, Wim has experience on the Asian and Caribbean territories.


Main projects: 130 Renewables project; combining the sustainable sources wind, tidal, solar and storage, and for the business plan and partnering of Hero balancer; a smart tool matching demand and supply of renewable energy, based on Data / AI.


Wim Joosten is a graduate Master in Industrial Engineering & Management Science from the Technical University of Eindhoven.


Charlemagne Tuesday 18 June16.00 - 17.30