What makes consumers tick? Best practices and tools

Getting consumers on board is essential in shaping Europe’s energy future. However, despite a range of research and policy initiatives, there is a lack of understanding of the underlying factors that drive consumer choices and of the effective solutions and tools that increase their participation in the energy system.

This session is meant to shed new light on consumer motivations, engagement and learning patterns, challenge existing thinking and provide real examples that can help decision-makers in their mission of reaching ambitious energy efficiency targets.

The session will consist of two parts:

  1. Learning – best practices and tools

We will present three different initiatives that aim at understanding and changing consumer behaviour in energy consumption and their conclusions:

  • The results of a new report that gathered 578 pilots involving 5.5 million residential consumers over the past 10 years and that focuses on consumer behaviour around gas and electricity consumption feedback.
  • The Horizon 2020-funded project ENABLE.EU that looks at drivers of individual energy choices, such as the decision to become a prosumer.
  • The Horizon 2020-funded project START2ACT that targets energy consumers at their workplace and tries to unleash the energy and cost saving potentials of young SMEs and start-ups by introducing simple yet effective energy efficiency and behavioural change measures


  1. Discussing and formulating recommendations

A discussion between different stakeholders will help elaborate on the best practices and tools presented and will aim to ground them in the market realities. The audience is invited to interfere with comments, questions and experiences to stimulate the discussions.


Green Energy Options
Geonardo Environmental Technologies
Head of the Jacques Delors Energy Centre
Jacques Delors Institute
Senior researcher
CICERO – Center for Climate Research
Researcher in Consumer Behavior
Head of Communications and Industry Engagement
Chameleon Technology
Secretary General
Head of the Retail markets, Coal and Oil Unit
Directorate-General for Energy