Theresia Vogel

Since 2010, Theresia Vogel acts as Managing Director for the Climate and Energy Fund, an institution supporting the Austrian Federal Government in minimizing the effects of climate change and leading the way to a climate friendly energy future. Within the Fund’s portfolio Ms. Vogel is focusing on programmes which imply R&D for innovative energy technologies and smart urban development, such as the Austrian Smart Cities Initiative or the Flagship Regions Energy.

Before, Theresia Vogel managed the Department for Structural Programmes at the FFG, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. The Department consisted of a team of 40 experts handling specific scholarships which promote industrial research and technology development.

Theresia Vogel completed a degree in civil engineering at the Technical University Vienna and graduated with honours. Also, she worked as a research assistant for R&D at the university.

Later in her career, Theresia Vogel developed the area of “Sustainability and Environmental Management” at the FH Wiener Neustadt and triggered research in this field.


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