Sustainable finance for energy efficiency, experience from markets across Europe

Recent European Commission policy presentations have noted that that investment will need to grow from 2% of EU GDP invested in the energy system today to 2.8% to achieve a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy. This equates to up to €575 billion per year (or up to additional €290 billion per year compared to baseline). This implies rapid upscaling of multiple financial solutions to deliver the stable, low-cost and attractive financing that will be needed to support the goals of the EU Energy Union and that are capable of being aggregated to investable propositions from individual local projects.

The EU strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy notes that “Private business and households will be responsible for the vast majority of these investments. To foster such investment, it is crucial for the European Union and Member States to offer clear, long-term signals to guide investors, to avoid stranded assets, to raise sustainable finance and to direct it to clean innovation efforts most productively”.

This event provides an opportunity to hear from those across the investment and policy fields developing and testing innovative financing approaches, clean energy policy and related standards who will share their experiences in developing new thinking and possible ways ahead.


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