Smart Grids, Renewables & Storage – leading the transition towards a new European energy system

The Energy transition is a necessity imposed by climate change, but also an occasion for Europe to transform a major threat into a one-off opportunity to bring the continent to the forefront of the international scene from an industrial, scientific, and political perspective.

The commitment taken in Paris in December 2015 to reach a carbon neutral economy by the end of the century has been repeatedly demonstrated in Europe, notably in the context of the Energy Union. It brought a new political momentum at the European Union (EU) level, with the explicit ambition to become the global leader in renewables. Energy storage, whose capacity is steadily increasing in Europe, is identified in many studies and projections as a crucial asset to facilitate the transition to a smarter, decarbonised and flexible energy system. Novel, innovative green battery technologies can enable this transition; these can meet higher sustainability criteria with regard to mining, reuse, recycling, and energy return on investment while boosting the competiveness of European industry.

This session will explore how innovation in clean energy technologies can boost lighthouse ambitions and how the EU can play a decisive role in making all stakeholders joining their force to pull in the same direction. It will explore the links between energy storage, renewables (wind & solar), and smart grids – which, together, will form the backbone of the new energy system. The session will also showcase technologies in which Europe is uniquely competitive, for example novel, sustainable energy storage systems or new concepts for storage co-located with renewables.

The panel, comprised of experts from the European institutions, energy storage, smart grids, and renewables sectors.


Secretary General
EASE - The European Association for Storage of Energy
Chief Executive Officer
EIT InnoEnergy
EASE President and Director of European Affairs and Head of the Iberdrola Brussels Office
Project Manager ‘Nice Smart Valley’
EDSO for Smart Grids/Enedis
European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN)
Deputy Head of Department
VKU - German association public utilities/CEDEC
Chief Policy Officer
Thematic Leader Smartgrids & Storage
Policy Director
Solar Power Europe