Shaping a sustainable industry: challenges and solutions

Did you ever wonder what role does Industry play in making decarbonisation happen? 

Have you thought what makes one enterprise to be at the forefront, while the other struggles to maintain reputation?

The results of a year-long project for DG ENER meeting the producing industry (different companies from the food and beverage sector) and their interlocutors at national and local level have helped us to bring knowledge about the solutions the market is actually seeking to increase the uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. The purpose of this session is to engage a wide audience in a discussion on what to maintain and what to improve in the regulatory framework to accelerate decarbonization, mobilise investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy and stimulate the decision making process.


This session is tailored for the representatives of the industry, NGOs, national and local authorities.


Tractebel ENGIE
European Commission