Paula Coussy

Paula Coussy, a graduate of the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne in Environmental Economics, has been working for many years at IFPEN in the Economics and Technology Intelligence Division on economic issues related to energy use and its impact on the environment. In particular, Paula Coussy follows the evolution of climate negotiations since the Kyoto Protocol, and the development of related economic and technological tools - including global carbon markets but also CO2 capture and geological storage technologies. Paula Coussy was appointed as an expert at the UNFCCC and participated in the work of the United Nations CDM board on CCS. Since 2006, Paula Coussy has participated in various economic projects on CCS's economic and environmental assessment such as the SocEco2, CASTOR, COCATE, ECCO, DYNAMIS projects.


Charlemagne Thursday 20 June16.00 - 17.30