NOBEL GRID H2020 project: New business models for smart grids – ETRA

During the Energy fair, the project will organise an interactive session in order to present the main products developed and demonstrated during the project. By means of these products, we provide better services and business models to all the actors of the Smart grid and energy market, in order to contribute to EU’s goal of CO2 reduction. The main project outcomes presented during the Energy fair:

- SLAM: Advanced smart meter with innovative functionalities for all the actors of the grid.
- G3M: Innovative tool that provide information in real time to energy utilities in order to monitor, control and maintain the energy grid in the most effective way.
- DRFM: Framework for aggregators, ESCOs and energy retailers that support Demand response and energy flexibility schemas.
- EMA App: App for domestic and industrial consumers and prosumers in order to reduce their electricity billing and improve energy behaviour.
- Business models evaluation tool: A ‘what-if’ scenario tool for the techno-economic evaluation of innovative smart grid technologies.

The main partners involved in the development of these tools will be at the energy fair, in order to solve any question the visitors may have.