NECPs: debating policy solutions to deliver a carbon-free EU

Under the newly adopted governance regulation, Member States are required to elaborate and submit their national energy and climate plans (NECPs) for the period of 2021-2030, including a long-term reduction strategy with at least a 30 years perspective. 2019 is thus a critical year to ensure that the NECPs are discussed and co-created with a range of different stakeholders across different levels of governance.

This session will highlight the opportunities available to engage in the national elaboration of the NECPS and stress the benefits of an inclusive process where civil society and local authorities co-create commitment and deliver implementation. The session will draw from the results of the LIFE PlanUp project, focusing on the NECPs of five countries (Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Hungary) through the presentation of available progress data as well as good practice examples in the building, agriculture, and transport sectors. The need to include different levels of subnational governments like cities and regions to deliver energy transition will also be stressed from a practical perspective.

Overall the session will highlight best practices in the co-creation of NECPs inspiring the audience to seize the unique opportunity to pursue multi-level stakeholder dialogues to deliver the EU’s energy and climate objectives. The session will discuss the importance of the Commission’s recent long term strategy for 2050, in line with the IPCC report findings and stress the need to actively engage setting targets beyond 2030 so to allow for the correct investment, innovation and technology to be mobilised and continue the status of the EU as global climate leader.

In summary the event will represent a perfect opportunity not only to promote capacity-building by stimulating interactions, exchanges, and policy dialogues among multiple stakeholders, but also to shape the energy and climate future for an environmentally stable, just and economically prosperous planet for all who will inherit it.


Executive Director
Carbon Market Watch
Minister for Energy, Luxembourg
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Polish Green Network
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City of Utrecht - EUROCITIES
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Association for Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
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University of Gdańsk
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European Environmental Bureau
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European Commission
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Council of European Municipalities and Regions