Living Labs as innovation engines in the energy transition

Living Labs are integrated, real-life testbeds for tomorrow's solutions acting as open innovation eco-systems. They are expected to test products, services and architectures and so contribute to increasing the competitiveness of EU industry, and to accelerating the move towards a sustainable low-carbon and circular economy.

They will pave the way for new markets and growth opportunities with the direct involvement of users. This is especially the case in an urban environment, where the multitude of actors and coexisting systems makes it almost impossible to foresee the final effect of any policy proposed without direct experimentation. Living Labs have already been established in several countries in Europe, however their huge potential is still far from being fully realised.

The Session on ''Living Labs as innovation engines in the energy transition'', hosted by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's science and knowledge service, aims to discuss the role of Living Labs in shaping the transition to a low carbon economy at different governance levels, from urban to European.

The Session also seeks to encourage the exchange of best practices and experiences, and a reflection on gaps and challenges, as closer networking between existing Living Labs across Europe and beyond is essential for their success. To do so, the session will bring together public and private organisations, including academia, universities and research institutions; non-research governmental institutions; industry and SMEs; start-ups and spin-offs and micro-sized enterprises.

The event will be chaired by Maive Rute, Directorate General Joint Research Centre - Deputy Director General.


Deputy Director General
Joint Research Centre
Chair of ETIP-SNET
National Technical University of Athens
International Project Manager and Communications Officer
European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)
University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland
Director of Centre for Advanced Technology in Health and Well-being
San Raffaele Hospital - Milan