Incentivising investment in sustainable grid infrastructure


Session Description

How should we approach the transition to a low-carbon economy?

This policy conference aims to initiate dialogue among policy-makers, private companies and members of the global public, with the goal of generating solutions to overcome what may well be the most significant challenge of our time.

We have invited experts and practitioners in energy market design and operations from the developed markets of North America and Europe respectively, to participate in two panel discussions designed to address the question of whether existing policies are apt to attract sufficient investment to meet the twin challenges of transitioning to an increasingly cleaner energy system where prices for renewable energy are set to experience a sharp and continuous decline, and adapting and expanding network infrastructure to accommodate increasing quantities of variable and distributed resources.

Will established players be able to adapt to survive?

What role do markets play in shaping the physical landscape of energy?

How to balance competitive markets and consumer protection?

Do current policies lend sufficient support to innovators?

Can we ensure the growth of the storage sector and remunerate flexibility?

Can we find the right balance between centralised and decentralised solutions?

What roles for distribution, transmission and interconnection?

By providing examples of how proactive regulation impacts the North American energy system, European policymakers may gain a better understanding of the way that changes to European and national policies may help to ensure adequate investment in infrastructure and technological innovation, and by the same token ensure security of supply in Europe.

Only then can we expect to guarantee the viability of the pan-European energy system, maximise social welfare gains for generations of consumers to come, and perhaps most importantly, consolidate the concept of sustainability as a key driver of economic growth.


VP International Programmes
Edison Electric Institute
CEO & Chairman of the Board
Friends of Sustainable Grids
Strategy & Standards Vice-President, Power Systems
Schneider Electric & T&D Europe
Honorary President & CEO
EFET & Dii Desert Energy
Advisor on European Energy Policy & Former Director, Internal Energy Market
Institut Delors & DG ENER