Hydrogen enabling the energy transition

The session will allow discussing the challenge of deep decarbonisation for the EU and the opportunity offered in this respect by green and near-zero carbon hydrogen as an energy carrier and as feedstock for industrial processes.

Hydrogen is commonly used as feedstock in industrial processes (such as refineries and chemical industry). More recently, hydrogen started to be used as an energy carrier in the transport sector, in logistics and in the heating sector. However, its production is currently largely based on fossil fuels. Near-zero carbon hydrogen and, in particular, renewable hydrogen together with fuel cell technologies offer a major decarbonisation pathway for energy, transport & industrial end-users. This was also acknowledged by the Communication “A Clean Planet for All” presented by the European Commission in November 2018.

The event will feature a presentation on the EU long-term decarbonisation strategy by a representative of the European Commission and a presentation of the Hydrogen Roadmap Europe study by a representative of Hydrogen Europe. National strategies and concrete projects will also be presented and discussed with the audience.

The event is aimed at representatives from national, regional and local governments but also from electricity and gas industry and other stakeholders who are eager to discuss the challenges and the opportunities associated with the deep decarbonisation of our energy system.

The topic of hydrogen-based technologies as enablers of deep decarbonisation is gaining momentum in all international fora. This debate will allow the exchange of information among Member States and will provide opportunities to reflect also with private stakeholders on the most appropriate technology solutions to develop in different contexts.


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