Flavours of Micro-Cogeneration

With micro-Cogeneration (micro-CHP) you can efficiently generate your own heat and electricity. But did you know that many SMEs active in the food and drinks sector use a micro-CHP unit to produce delicious chocolate, beer, meat, pastries and much more?

At the COGEN Europe’s booth “Flavours of Micro-Cogeneration” you will have the chance to find out more about the benefits of micro-CHP, while tasting the delicious by-products of a micro-CHP system and watching videos showing how they are prepared.

Cogeneration responds to the new challenges of the EU’s energy system. CHP:

  • Saves energy, reaching efficiencies above 80% and thus reducing consumers’ energy bills;
  • Empowers citizens and businesses to produce and consume their own clean heat and power locally and reliably;
  • Cuts carbon emissions helping to meet the climate and energy efficiency goals cost-effectively;
  • Integrates renewables and provides flexibility by generating heat and electricity near the point of consumption, thus relieving the stress on the electricity grid during peak demand. CHP can step in when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining;
  • Avoids costly grids reinforcement;
  • Is smart grid ready.