FIThydro: sustainable hydropower in the EU

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Hydropower is one of the largest renewable energy sources in Europe and plays an important part in helping the EU achieve a more competitive, secure and renewable energy system. With a limited expansion capacity in EU countries and environmental impacts of hydropower production, it is important to develop methods and technologies towards a more sustainable, ecologically friendly and cost-efficient hydropower operation.

As one of the biggest EU-wide project on sustainable hydropower, FIThydro contributes to finding practical solutions for sustainable hydropower production that take legislations, operator needs, environmental factors and social perception into account. The Horizon 2020 project combines scientific research, industry insights and tests at hydropower plants to test and develop new technologies, methods, tools and a decision support system that has both, an EU wide and case specific application. 

Visit our stand to find out more about the FIThydro project and the different aspects of sustainable hydropower production: Take a quiz and test how much you know about hydropower, its impacts and possible mitigation measures as well as the public’s perception of it. Experience the research and fieldwork conducted for investigating the environmental effects of hydropower, test some of the innovative technologies yourself.