Event type Workshop

Smart Buildings and Energy Sustainability

The constant social demand in the search for the welfare of people, the growing concern on the increase in energy consumption and its associated pollution, and the aim of citizens and governments to use of renewable energies, make engineering a necessary profession, currently and in the future. Engineering must be positioned with criteria of technological development that allows to improve processes with criteria of energy efficiency and sustainability. During the workshop several engineering tools will be presented to help on that direction: BIM, Computerised Maintenanece Management Systems (CMMS), electric vehicle charging stations and BREEAM certification.


Javier Jiménez, BIM Manager at EUIPO (service provided by IDOM)

Antonio Ramírez, Director Ejecutivo en IDASA SISTEMAS S.L.

José Manuel Edo, Responsable de Mercados Estratégicos en CIRCUTOR

Francisco Burg, Ingeniero Técnico Industrial

Emilio Font de Mora, Energy Manager en EUIPO

Alberto Martínez Sentana, Secretario Técnico, COGITI Alicante