Event type Conference

Seminar "Importance of data for decision-making in Energy and Environment"

As part of the Energy Day celebrations in UA 2019, on the 30th of May, the Decision Support Systems Research (SAD) and Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability (CIS) Groups of GOVCOPP - UA are promoting a seminar on decision support systems, placing emphasis on the quality of information needed to sustain public policies and support scientific research.
This seminar draws attention to the challenges that arise from the need to implement new data availability policies to assist decision-making in Energy and Environment.

The seminar counts with several keynote speakers from different segments of the energy sector. ADENE and RNAE, as supporters of a set of Energy Days promoted by Portuguese organisations, will participate in two panels of the seminar.

Seminar attendance is free of charge but prior registration is required.


Flávio Menezes