Event type Exhibition/guided tour

Photo Exhibition of the Solar Thermal Electricity (STE/CSP): Solar thermal power keeps the lights on even when the sun goes down

ESTELA, the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association, invite you to a photo exhibition that showcases the diversity of the Solar Thermal Electricity (STE) industry in Europe and beyond.


STE, also known as CSP (Concentrated Solar Power), is a carbon-free renewable energy technology that uses mirrors to concentrate the sun’s energy and convert it into high-temperature heat that can be used to generate electricity with a steam turbine.


By storing the thermal energy and/or using hybridization, STE is able to firmly deliver electricity on demand without additional cost – even after sunset. STE is grid-friendly not only due to thermal energy storage, but also due to the use of conventional turbine technology to generate electricity.


Photos not only demonstrate the contribution of the STE industry to the European economy and job creations, but also show how research and innovation support the deployment of STE/CSP.