Event type Workshop

Managing Smart Grids

A workshop providing discussion and insights on the future management of Smart Grids, based on sharing and feedback from the innovative reference trials being undertaken by Utilities in Italy, Ireland and Germany as part of the ADMS and SOGNO EU Horizon 2020 projects (www.smartgrid-adms.com & www.sogno-energy.eu). The ADMS Smart Grid Active Management System provides a data-driven AI-based Network Management System seamlessly integrated with mass-deployed low-cost distributed real-time MV and LV Power Quality Monitoring and Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) right to the distribution grid-edge.This solution helps Distribution Service Organisations to significantly increase the use of Renewable Energy Sources in their distribution grid while safeguarding regulatory compliance, increasing capacity and reducing outages. While the SOGNO project is taking this further to a Service Oriented Grid providing substations Automation and Virtualisation using 5G communications.