Event type Workshop

Applications and challenges in Power-to-X-Systems - 3rd Workshop Energy Lab 2.0 meets Neo-Carbon Energy

International workshop for researchers, company representatives and policy makers.

Mon, June 17

Lab visits: CO2 Capture System, Power-to-Methanol, Hydrogen Laboratory
Pilot visit: Food from Electricity – Neo-Carbon Food
Political view for PtX: Need of power-to-X solutions for solving energy transition in Finland and Europe (Kai Mykkänen, MP, Finland)
Site/company visit: Fortum Imatra Hydropower Plant
Company visits: Yaskawa – Wind Turbine Generators & Converters, Danfoss Editron – Sophisticated Hybrid & Electric Drivetrain Systems

Tue, June 18
Company view for PtX: Wärtsilä vision towards a 100% renewable energy future
Ammonia synthesis and power-to-food (University of Warwick, DTU, Solar Foods, LUT)
CO2 capture and end-products (CIEMAT, VTT, Soletair Power, LUT)
Poster exhibition & discussion

Wed, June 19
On-going projects and lab facilities (KIT)
Electrolyzers (Woikoski, LUT, FZJ)
Synthesis (VTT, KIT, LUT, Aalto, UPV)
Simulations (LUT, DLR)