Empowering and financing sustainable energy projects

The workshop will foster insights in replication and upscaling of economically feasible energy solutions for building retrofit and renewable energy production without the need of public subsidies, however making use of other types of public facilitation where appropriate.

The purpose of the workshop is to present empowering and financing models that are currently being used to (i) retrofit the existing building stock in Europe, (ii) finance renewable energy infrastructure and (iii) facilitate combined public-private investments in energy assets. Projects that have implemented the three models will present themselves and share experiences.

The workshop will clarify the engagement strategies and financing & business models, get critical feedback from participants on the feasibility and replicability of the models and publicise the results on the SCIS website in order to achieve maximum exposure and create opportunities for the further development of engagement and financing models for building retrofit and sustainable energy production.

The workshop is for stakeholders seeking investments and designing business models for sustainable energy projects. Private companies and public bodies stimulating investments are a primary target group but all stakeholders interested in financing and business models are welcome.


Consultant and researcher
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Responsible for Energy. Strategy and Business Development Department
CEO and funder
Teicos UE Srl
Product Group Manager (PV & Storage)
Helen Ltd.
Researcher Sustainable Urban Development
EnergyVille – VITO NV
project manager of sustainable housing
Lille Metropole
Project Manager and Adjunct Associate Professor, NTNU
Senior Consultant
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