Ecodesign and energy labelling – better products, less energy, more sustainability

Ecodesign and Energy Labelling are highly effective policy instruments, estimated to deliver energy savings of around 150 million tons of oil equivalent per year by 2020, more than the annual primary energy consumption of Italy. For consumers, this translates into €470 savings per household per year on energy bills. Around 85% of European citizens are familiar with the energy labels and use them in making informed purchasing decisions.

The European Commission is in the process of adopting, in the first half of 2019, an ambitious package comprising 11 ecodesign and 6 energy labelling regulations. This package is expected to deliver further energy savings of almost 120 TWh per year by 2030. Many of the ecodesign regulations contribute also to the objectives of circular economy.

This session aims to:

  1. inform the audience about latest development and successes of Ecodesign and Energy Labelling policy instruments, and
  2. stimulate a debate and collect views on possible future strategies.


Commission services will introduce ecodesign and energy labelling to the audience and will explain these achievements providing eloquent examples. The newly established online database for product registration will also be presented.

Other key stakeholders involved in these regulations are invited to share their views. They include representatives of EU Member States’ authorities, consumer and environmental NGOs, and manufacturers. Finally, the audience will be invited to engage in an open debate. The aim is to collect views on what strategic development should ecodesign and energy labelling pursue and how to tackle the identified challenges. Discussion themes will include amongst others: evolving policies in a fast-moving digitalized world, enhancing contributions to circular economy, examining the energy efficiency of systems in addition to the gains brought by stand-alone products.


Michael Scholand (CLASP)
Senior Advisor
Director, Sustainability and Safety
BEUC, The European Consumer Organisation
Energy saving expert
Director Energy & Environment
Director General
Energy efficiency expert
Swedish energy agency
Team Leader Ecodesign
European Commission - DG ENERGY