Decarbonising transport by 2030: the EC-industry JEC analysis

The event aims to present the findings of the JEC 5th complete revision of Well-to-Wheels analysis. JEC is a long-standing collaboration between the EC's Joint Research Centre, EUCAR (the European Council for Automotive R&D) and CONCAWE (the Oil Companies’ European Organisation for Environment, Health and Safety).  JEC research collaboration has resulted in a fruitful and trustworthy cooperation in the field of sustainability of  European vehicle and oil industry devoted to providing European institutions, Member States and sector stakeholders with scientific facts, relating to the energy use and efficiency and emissions from a broad range of road vehicle powertrain and fuel options. The JEC well-to wheels analysis provides a technology and policy-neutral methodology to grasp the implications and issues at stake with each technological pathway, by considering performance with regard to both GHG emissions reduction and energy efficiency enhancement. The 5th revision to be released in 2019 expands compared to previous versions, including a detailed cost analysis of emissions reduction via alternative fuels as well as selected lifecycle analysis for relevant pathways, but also of its Tank-to-Wheels analysis, including for the first time ever heavy-duty vehicle configurations and their representative fuel/energy options. The event will present the building blocks of JEC collaborative activities, which have been thoroughly updated in 2019: Well-To-Tank analysis, including cost analysis; Tank-to-Wheels analysis, assessing the energy use and GHG emissions of road fuel and powertrain configurations in Europe, including representative heavy-duty vehicle configurations. The event will equally be the opportunity to introduce the JEC Alternative Fuels scenario-analysis identifying and characterising the uptake of alternative fuels in Europe in road as well as other transportation modes towards 2030.


Project leader
Scientific officer
European Commission Joint Research Centre
Concawe Science Executive for Economics & Modelling