A competitive future for decarbonised EU industries?

The session will highlight the need to decarbonise the industrial sectors of the EU in a sustainable manner, while maintaining competitiveness to ensure jobs and growth for Europe’s citizens.

The role of industry in the EU is critical to maintain a balanced economy and also to maintain R&D and innovation.  Yet it is one of the biggest carbon emitters. Europe leads in the technology that can abate these emissions through the production of low-carbon and renewable power and gas, which can support EU industry competitiveness for the future.

The session will bring case examples of solutions to the decarbonisation of industry through decarbonised feedstocks. EU industry needs diverse feedstocks and this involves that gas needs to decarbonise/become renewable to continue to be a reliable feedstock for industry. A cross sector of actors from industry and energy will join the session to discuss the challenge of keeping EU industry competitive into the 2050s and beyond as well as the role of energy within that context.

The event is targeted to policymakers, media, NGOs and civil society groups to show the synergies and the potential for improved integration, with low carbon/renewable technologies.


Principal Adviser to the Director General for Energy
European Commission
Secretary General
Hydrogen Europe
Director General
Policy Director
SolarPower Europe
Senior policy advisor VEMW
Climate Change and Energy Director
Secretary General
Gas Infrastructure Europe
Secretary General