Communication partners

The partnerships of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) are designed to reach out to organisations that are helping the EU achieve its climate and energy goals. The communication partners of EUSEW 2019 are organisations that promote the campaign and its messages across wide networks. For more information, click on the logos below, and follow their activities under #EUSEW19.

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    COGEN Europe - The European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration

    @COGENEurope | Facebook

    COGEN Europe is the cross-sectoral voice of the cogeneration industry. Its mission is to work with EU institutions and stakeholders to shape better policies and eliminate administrative, regulatory and market barriers to the wider use of cogeneration in Europe.

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    EASE - The European Association for Storage of Energy


    The European Association for Storage of Energy is the voice of the energy storage community, actively advocating the role of energy storage as an indispensable instrument for the energy system. EASE seeks to build a European platform for sharing and disseminating energy storage-related information.

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    EIP-SCC Marketplace


    The EIP‑SCC brings together cities, industry, SMEs, banks, research and other smart city actors. It counts more than 6.000+ members. Their aims are to improve citizens’ quality of life, increase the competitiveness of European cities and industry and to reach European energy and climate targets.

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    Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP)

    @GreenCogEU | Facebook

    Launched at the European Commission in April 2011, EEIP is a not-for-profit organization in order to facilitate open and inclusive dialogue on energy transition within industry and between industry and EU policymakers.

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    Energy Technologies Europe


    Energy Technologies Europe is the European association representing technology providers of state-of-the-art solutions for energy conversion technologies. Energy Technologies Europe is a committed actor of the energy transition promoting awareness on solutions to achieve a decarbonised economy.

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    EU Green Week 2019

    @EU_ENV | Facebook

    The annual EU Green Week event will take place this year from Monday 13 to Friday 17 May, focusing on the theme of "Take the Initiative! Applying Environmental legislation". The event will look at why environmental laws are important and how they impact our daily lives.

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    Eurelectric represents the common interests of the European electricity industry. In the midst of a deep societal transformation, Eurelectric leads the clean energy transition and embeds sustainability across the value chain. We invest. We transform. We Innovate.

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    European Builders Confederation (EBC)

    @EBC_SMEs | Facebook

    The European Builders Confederation (EBC) is the voice of construction SMEs, representing national associations of construction craftsmen and micro to medium-sized enterprises at the European level. Based in Brussels, EBC is a member of SMEunited and Small Business Standards.

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    European Heat Pump Association


    The European Heat Pump Association represents 126 members across the heat pump industry value chain and promotes awareness and deployment of heat pump technology in Europe. All activities aim at creating a market environment that facilitates faster development of heat pump technology.

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    European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council


    The EMF is the voice of the European mortgage industry on the retail side of the business, representing the interests of mortgage lenders at European level.The ECBC is the platform that brings together covered bond market participants including covered bond issuers, analysts and investment bankers.

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    Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative (EEMI)


    EEMI consists of:Energy efficient Mortgages Action Plan (EeMAP) & Energy efficient Data Portal & Protocol (EeDaPP).EeMAP aims to create a standardised energy efficient mortgage.EeDaPP aims to design & deliver a market-led-protocol to enable the recording of data related to energy efficient mortgages

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    European Youth Parliament (EYP)

    @eyp_int | Facebook

    EYP is a peer-to-peer educational programme that brings together young people from across Europe to debate the pressing issues of our time - one of them is energy - Power Shifts project. Their mission is to inspire and empower young Europeans to be open-minded, tolerant and active citizens.

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    @Fedarene | Facebook

    FEDARENE is the premier European network of local and regional energy agencies and regions FEDARENE organises exchanges of experience and partnerships between its members and promotes the local and regional dimension to EU institutions. It now has 80 members in 21 countries in the European Union.

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    Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21)

    @REN21 | Facebook

    REN21 is an international multi-stakeholder network. They work to dispel myths about renewable energy and to catalyse policy change. REN21 provides a platform for experts to exchange, debate and share knowledge about how to drive the energy transition with renewables.

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    SolarPower Europe

    @SolarPowerEU | Facebook

    SolarPower Europe is a member-led association representing organisations active along the whole value chain. Their aim is to shape the regulatory environment and enhance business opportunities for solar power in Europe.