Clean energy for EU islands' progress and prospects

In 2017, the European Commission, together with 14 Member States, signed La Valletta Political Declaration, committing to “support the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative with a (...) a long term framework to promote replicable and scalable projects with funding, from private sector investors (…)existing EU funding, and technical assistance, to accelerate the clean energy transition on all EU islands”. Last year the Commission set up the Secretariat for the Initiative, the first technical assistance outlet exclusively dedicated to islands and currently supporting 26 islands in developing clean energy transition agendas.  At the same time, the Commission is engaging directly with Member States and local authorities to tackle a variety of barriers to decarbonisation on islands.

The session will take stock of the progress since the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative had been launched and discuss the direction, in which the support for energy transition on islands should take; it will also present the current thinking of decision-makers and seek feedback.

The session will focus on the ongoing multi-level governance efforts to drive the clean energy transition on EU Islands. High-level speakers will set the scene for the presentation of local processes. This will be followed by practical examples of clean energy transition processes and ongoing clean energy actions from determined and ambitious island communities. Functioning as the interface between local, national and international decision-makers, the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat will shortly present how the initiative methodology ties local and (inter)national levels to push forward the clean energy transition on EU Islands.