Business collaborations to scale low-carbon energy solutions

Business collaborations to scale low-carbon energy solutions

Despite the significant investments and progress in new low-carbon energy technologies, GHG emissions have decreased by only 19% over 2005 - 2016, leaving a significant gap in order to meet the Paris Agreement. Energy is still responsible for about 75% of GHG emissions in the EU. To enable Europe to meet its 2050 energy and climate goals and achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement, we must rapidly accelerate the transition to low-carbon energy solutions.

This session focuses on the role of collaboration across all stakeholders – companies, civil society, academia and government – to scale up low-carbon energy solutions in line with the EU long-term decarbonization strategy. We will introduce best practice for energy users on how to develop and implement an integrated energy strategy and present practical examples of how energy-intensive industries and the power sector are collaborating to accelerate uptake of electrification solutions, while maintaining industrial competitiveness.

Our panellists will share their activities towards achieving deep decarbonization by collaborating with new partners: energy supply companies and energy users, policymakers, academia and financiers. Equally important is involving civil society - the biggest driver for change and hence our most powerful partner for wide-scale implementation today.

Join us to learn about innovative decarbonisation solutions, powered by collaboration in an economically thriving European Union.


Managing Director, Climate & Energy, Cities & Mobility and Circular Economy
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Manager, Climate & Energy
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
VP, Decarbonize Yara
Head of EU Affairs
Head of the Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials Unit
European Commission Directorate-General for Growth
Head of Energy and Low Carbon Policies
Enel Group
Climate Action Network Europe
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