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Ambitious leadership in energy efficiency

Energy efficiency – or using less energy – is at the heart of the sustainable energy transition. By cutting the amount of energy we use through technology like energy saving devices, or through a conscious effort to reduce our energy consumption, we limit the amount of emissions in our atmosphere, import fewer fossil fuels and make savings on our energy bill.

Creating the next generation of energy leaders

The sustainable energy transition needs the fresh, innovative ideas and forward-thinking outlooks that the younger generation excels in. From innovative technological concepts and smart phone apps conceived by students, to raising awareness among children who can, in turn, educate their parents and communities that surround them, getting young people on board is key to shaping the global energy future.

Biomass plant in Slovakia shows how businesses are behind change

Businesses, with their drive and innovative ideas are key motors of the renewable and sustainable energy transition. Today, the transition is packed with renewable and sustainable energy enterprises, helping to push traditional, fossil-fuelled energy industries out of the energy mix.

Public sector innovation makes the clean energy transition happen

If you’ve ever felt a rush of warm air while waiting for a metro in a city in the middle of winter, you’ll know that cities can generate waste heat. District heating systems that reuse waste heat from sources like nearby industries and urban infrastructure have been around for a few years, but today, energy transition pioneers are working on innovative ways to incorporate new sources of waste heat into urban heating systems, making them much more sustainable.

Smart Islands: Story of an Island Microgrid

An underwater cable carries electric power from the diesel generators of Kos to its neighbouring island of Tilos. However, this interconnector might soon be exporting energy from Tilos. As it shifts away from traditional fossil fuel reliance by harnessing the power of the wind and sun, the remote Greek island produced enough renewable energy in September 2017 - all fruit of a three-year European research project.

Get ready to cast your vote!

12 finalists are ready and waiting for your vote. Who is going to be this year’s Citizens’ Award winner? It is all up to you…

The EU Sustainable Energy Awards are a major feature of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, organised annually by the European Commission (Directorate General for Energy and EASME).

Your decisions – getting involved in the energy market

From switching energy supplier to installing solar panels on the roof and becoming a member of a wind power cooperative, today’s consumers have many more ways to take control of their energy use and generation compared to a few decades ago. But are they aware of the full range of options?

Making the switch to a sustainable energy lifestyle