PEACE_Alps – Pooling Energy Action plans and Enhancing their implementation in the Alps

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Winner of the EU Sustainable Energy Awards - Public Sector

The PEACE_Alps project supports Alpine authorities in making the transition to a low-carbon area.  The project is key to helping authorities overcome any barriers in implementing their strategic action plans -- Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). Although SECAP actions are local, teaming up in cross-border cooperation has helped to provide centralised technical assistance for all authorities.

Analysis of energy data

Involving more than 200 municipalities in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland, PEACE_Alps started by collecting and analysing energy data for a sample of 500 buildings and 12 500 street lights.

This analysis is used when preparing and launching the calls for projects on energy management, energy renovation of buildings and public lighting, and local adaptation to climate change. Each project takes place across several municipalities, facilitating network creation, replication of actions and triggering of further investment.

Energy and CO2 savings

Energy management activities are to be carried out in 416 buildings and at 3 000 street lighting points, and energy renovation work in 121 buildings and 9 500 lighting points. This should lead to total energy savings of about 30 gigawatt hours (the equivalent of powering 10 billion LED lamps), and prevent 6 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The PEACE_Alps team has collected best practices, including a tailored communication strategy that supports long-term cooperation and the transfer of project results. Vulnerability studies on the effects of climate change and adaptation strategies for local authorities have also been compiled.