Artificial Intelligence as the enabler of the Digital Utility

Within the utility sector, there are great opportunities to adapt digital innovation in their business. Utilities need to review, optimize and transform their existing infrastructure and process, while they also need to find new ways to conduct their business in a digital ecosystem. At the same time, utilities need to be ready to prevent or react against malicious attacks by cyber criminals, protect the data of the consumers and re-educate their human resources. And all that in an ethical way that reflects what the European Union stands for.

Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive and enabling technology will be an advantage for the utility to accommodate a smooth path through this digital transformation. Utilities need to be able to integrate this technology in new products, services, processes and even their core infrastructure.  

But what is the current Roadmap in regard to AI as the enabler of the Digital Utility and where will the future take us? Which are the AI related digital strategies utilities are working on? How ethical are they and do they take into consideration the consumer/citizen when needed? These are a few of the questions that will be addressed in this session, co organized by the European Commission, DG CONNECT and Clarion Energy, who are working to achieve the common goal of fully integrated and interconnected electricity system and market in Europe.  

Participants to the Session, apart from representatives of both the European Commission and Clarion Energy, will be representatives of DSOs, TSOs, solution providing companies and academia.



Patricia Arsene, European Commission, DG CONNECT:  

Areti Ntaradimou, Content Director Clarion Energy:





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