Agriculture and decarbonisation

Agriculture and forestry are a major economic activity in rural areas, providing income to some 20% of the population in the EU. Its sectoral diversity and the decentralisation of its production sites make it sometimes difficult to cover with one-fits-all general policy solutions. At the same time, it is one of the sectors probably most exposed to the effects of climate change. Energy efficiency, production and use of renewables has a direct economic impact for this sector. The remoteness from main energy grids and the inherent need to limit unwanted anthropogenic impact make agriculture one of the most challenging but at the same time most promising, sectors to engage in energy transition.


The objective of this session is to explain the urgency of engaging the rural aeras and to showcase the good examples for energy efficiency and renewable energy that drive entire communities towards sustainability and more efficient use of limited resources. 

The session is targeted at representatives of the sector, industry, NGOs, national and local authorities.



Austruan Chamber of Agriculture
WIP Renewable Energy Munich