Accelerating decarbonisation and clean energy transition for 2050

The session contributes to the recently developed EU Long Term Strategy 2050 (“Clean Planet for all"). It will discuss how to accelerate implementation of the strategy, translating long-term targets into feasible actions to enable the decarbonisation process both at the national and regional context.

Policy makers, civil society and practitioners will be provided with i) new insights on the effectiveness of policies for energy transition; ii) assessment of financial portfolios to energy transition pathways; 

iii) understanding the socio-economic barriers that need to be overcome to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, in terms of concerns of carbon leakage, technology cost, investments & performance

iv) clear and holistic understanding on the synergies and trade-offs between alternative pathway and policy instruments.

With the public policy discussion on EU Long Term Strategy 2050, insights from this event will feed into an immediate ongoing debate and contribute to the efforts of the EU and its member states in this respect. There is an ongoing need for research and innovation to develop solutions that will accelerate decarbonisation of the key EU sectors at the speed that is required to reach the targets. Therefore, this event will bring insights from ongoing EU funded projects:  

INNOPATHS  is developing decarbonisation pathways with novel representation of policy and innovation processes for the clean energy transition.

SOCLIMPACT is addressing decarbonisation and energy transition pathways for small EU islands.

PACTA LIFE is assessing the financial portfolios to energy transition pathways, which help to assess into which technologies investment should be directed

Another added value for participants is the exchange with representatives of DG CLIMA and DG ENER on the topic of the EU Long Term Strategy.



Director of Institute for Sustainable Resources (at University College London) and Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy
University College London
Head of Unit Strategy and economic assessment
Deputy Head of Unit A4 – Economic analysis and financial
Senior Expert
The Institute of Economic and Structures Research
Senior Analyst
Think tank on climate-related metrics and policies in financial markets
Senior researcher and project manager
Vienna University of Technology
Climate Change Group Head
Law firm Rouse