10 years of ELENA: grants to overcome barriers for sustainable energy investments

Public and private authorities face several barriers in the preparation of sustainable energy investments (energy efficiency, district heating, mobility, smart grids, etc.), namely lacking technical expertise, but also financing obstacles.


The session aims to show how the ELENA (European Local Energy Assistance) facility can help in the development of those investments, namely by bridging the gap between local and regional energy targets and project implementation and overcoming the existing technical and organisational barriers.


ELENA support can be translated in:

  • feasibility studies, design studies, and market studies;
  • structuring of programmes and employing experts, developing business plans,    energy audits;
  • legal/financial advisory services;
  • preparation of tendering procedures and contractual arrangements;
  • bundling of smaller projects to form bankable packages;
  • set-up and running of a project implementation unit;
  • modelling or simulations;
  • preparation of sustainable urban mobility plans.


During this session, five different projects will be presented to the public, highlighting how the ELENA facility assisted in the implementation of those projects:

  • EOL (Ljubliana, Sl): project focused on energy efficient renovation of public buildings using energy performance contracting;
  • Picardie Pass Renovation (Picardie region, Fr): renovation of existing housing stock, based on the one-stop-shop approach;
  • SCMC (Amsterdam, Nl): transport related project including investments in regenerative energy braking system for metro, electric buses, hybrid ferries and mobility related IT systems;
  • Leuven (Leuven, Be): project related to the renovation of buildings (public and private), building integrated renewables and street lighting;
  • EEFFRB (Pl): project promoted by a Polish Bank (BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA) related to the renovation of residential buildings.


Katrien Rycken
Leuven 2030
BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA
Régie Régionale du Service Public de l’Efficacité Energétique, France
Team Leader at Energy Efficiency Unit
DG Energy - European Commission
Senior engineer for energy efficiency and renewable energy, Energy Department, Projects Directorate
European Investment Bank
Manager CSR and communications
GVB - public transport operator in Amsterdam
City Energy Manager
City of Ljubljana