“Access to sustainable energy [is] one of the greatest 21st century challenges facing humanity.”

EUSEW partner Sparknews explains why they are supporting the transition to sustainable energy, and how they are contributing to EUSEW 2017.

Why is sustainable energy important for you?

At Sparknews, we consider access to sustainable energy to be one of the greatest 21st century challenges facing humanity.

Sustainable energy provides at least five key benefits: it is clean, renewable and safe. What is more, it creates jobs and provides energy access to a large proportion of the world's population who up until now have not been connected.

There are three important reasons behind the SparkTeam's dedication to shaping a widespread energy transition:

  • Renewable energy plays a critical role in solutions to overcome climate change. Contrary to current sources of energy such as fossil fuels, which represent 80 % of global CO2 emissions, are finite and will eventually run out, sustainable energy is infinite and offers a preferable alternative.
  • Whereas the majority of oil and gas resources are concentrated in certain regions, many of which are getting more technically challenging and expensive to reach, renewable energy is accessible everywhere. Using sustainable energy ensures a secure supply and avoids wars and conflicts resulting from a battle for finite natural resources.
  • It helps to eradicate poverty. No country has substantially reduced poverty without exponentially increasing the use of sustainable energy, therefore replacing human and animal labour with more convenient and efficient sources of energy and technology.

Every transition requires creativity and innovation. At Sparknews we are in contact with hundreds of entrepreneurs who dedicate their creativity to solving the biggest challenges of our world. Sustainable energy is deeply linked with innovation, which paves the way to job and value creation for our economies

How is your organisation shaping the energy transition?

Sparknews is a social enterprise, and is at the crossroads of social innovation, leading media and the corporate world.

We have put into place two different strategies to facilitate this energy transition effectively:

  • We bring to light innovative, tested solutions to a large audience. We achieve this through our two annual media operations – Impact Journalism Day and Solutions&Co – reaching over 120 million readers.
  • We inspire and advise the leaders of large corporations, mostly by connecting them with these innovative projects to help them progress more quickly towards sustainable energy. We created the Positive Innovation Club, which brings together over 100 decision makers every two months to inspire them and connect them with positive entrepreneurs.

Are you planning to take part in EUSEW this year and how? What would you like to get out of the event?

We are taking part in EUSEW this year and we are very excited about it. We are organising a Sparkshow for 21 June at the event. A Sparkshow is an innovative game-style debate where eight entrepreneurs pitch to a panel of five journalists, who buzz in to cover the topic in their own media. Come and meet us on Wednesday 21 at 4 p.m. to listen to inspiring entrepreneurs and meet European journalists.

“We are in contact with hundreds of entrepreneurs who dedicate their creativity to solving the biggest challenges of our world.”