How to complete the Energy Day submission form

We suggest that you print out a blank application form or make a note of the required information before you start to fill it in. Use your notes/printout as a checklist to piece together the information needed. When you have everything ready – especially the date of the event, a concise and attractive title, a short description and the other compulsory information – you can complete the form. Compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk.

All forms must be submitted in English. If you are not confident writing in English, a translation from your own language using an online translation tool or other translation software is acceptable. The EUSEW Secretariat will carry out a basic check that all information is provided. If anything is unclear, it will contact you before publishing your Energy Day.

Keep the general description simple and appealing, with just enough detail to let visitors know what to expect at your event and who it is aimed at. You will not be able to change this description once your Energy Day is accepted. If some of your information might change – such as the programme, speakers or logistic details – we recommend you provide this in a PDF or document that you can upload to your application. You can then download this file from your event page later to update and re-upload it if necessary.

If you want to add more information, such as an agenda, background documents, photos or videos, or your logo, you can add these separately using the submission form at the time of your submission or via your Energy Day page after it is published.