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Empowering consumers to drive the energy revolution

Topten is a network of free-to-use websites in 16 European countries that provides consumers with the information they need to choose the most efficient energy-using products. Product information includes electricity consumption, energy label class, price and details like size and colour, along with the website’s product recommendations.

The sites cover most machines responsible for household energy consumption, whether domestic appliances such as washing machines, lighting, IT equipment or cars. Analyses of other environmental issues, such as their water consumption, noise or pollutants, help consumers make the most environmentally responsible choice, while running-cost comparisons address the long-term financial savings from a green product.

Information is based on continuous analysis by Topten. The network also develops partnerships with manufacturers and retailers to make energy-efficient products more readily available to consumers and ensures stronger, more accurate promotion. A specialist section on the sites, ‘Topten Pro’, targets public procurement and large-volume private buyers to develop support for energy efficiency in equipment-purchasing sectors.

The websites reach consumers in 16 European countries with a combined population of 447 million citizens. In 2016, Topten websites covered 360 product categories, displaying information on more than 17 000 product models, with information tailored to each national market. New countries are welcome to join the network, which is now expanding to China and South America.