Beenergi Programme

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Innovative financing encourages sustainable local energy investments

Through innovative funding arrangements and ongoing training, the Beenergi programme is helping over 70 small municipalities in Girona make significant energy savings and equipping SMEs with the tools to tap into the growing green economy.  

Small municipalities are often unable to carry out sustainable energy investments on their own. To address this, the project bundled investments together to simplify administrative procedures and help attract private funding. A key focus has been on installing energy efficient street lighting and installing biomass boilers in public buildings.

Thanks to investments, a cut of 5 569 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year will be achieved across the region. The municipalities involved will also save about EUR 1.5 million a year through investments in sustainable energy.

Beenergi has also focused on encouraging renewable energy production. Increased use of local and sustainable forest biomass will reduce the risk of forest fires through better management and create sustainable jobs.

About 33 new jobs have already been created and more than 50 local SMEs have participated in the training activities to become small and medium energy service companies. Four local authorities elsewhere in Europe have already expressed interest in replicating Beenergi’s innovative financial and organisational schemes as a means of driving local sustainable energy investments.